* For the ESDT transfer you will need to get the BUILDO-22c0a5 token from the faucet: https://devnet-multiversx-esdt-faucet.netlify.app (you can also modify the hardcoded token and test it with yours locally, check the sourcecode of this website for more info).
** The query will trigger a 'getMintedPerAddressTotal' with currently logged in user's address using the Elven Tools Smart Contract.
*** The signing message example will sign the: 'Elven Family is awesome!' message. You can check the source code of this page and how to use it.

ElvenJS (demo)

All transactions will take place on the devent! Check how to use it on the testnet and mainnet in the docs.

Docs and code: www.elvenjs.com

For styling elements like QR code container and Wallet Connect pairings check demo styles. Each element should have a class name.
Remember to change walletConnectV2ProjectId. You can get yours here https://cloud.walletconnect.com/sign-in

Authenticate, sign and send transactions and messages on the MultiversX blockchain in the browser. No need for bundlers, frameworks, etc. Just attach the script source, and you are ready to go. You can incorporate it into your preferred CMS framework like WordPress or an e-commerce system. Plus, it will also work on a standard static HTML website.

For now, xPortal mobile app, Web Wallet and MultiversX browser extension are supported. Check GitHub for more info!

The primary purpose of this tool is to have a lite script for browser usage where you can authenticate and sign/send transactions on the MultiversX blockchain and do this without any additional build steps.

The purpose is to simplify the usage for primary use cases and open the doors for many frontend tools and approaches.

The demo here presents the full path of initialization, logging in, and sending a transaction.

It is a script for browsers that incorporates ES6 modules. If you need fully functional JavaScript/Typescript SDK (also in Nodejs), please use sdk-js, an official Typescript MultiversX SDK.

Soon there will be more docs and examples!

Check the source code of this page to get the complete code. All is static. The main script is minified. But you can see the code in the repository

Demo transactions/queries description (devnet):

EGLD transaction:
ESDT transaction:
Mint transaction:
Sign a message
Query the smart contract:

Other demos:

  1. StackBlitz vanilla html demo
  2. StackBlitz Solid.js demo
  3. StackBlitz React demo
  4. StackBlitz Vue demo